March 23, 2018 – Community Service Day

Community Service Day at Springbrook Park – March 23, 2018

Special thanks to all the Lake Oswego High School students who worked hard in Springbrook Park as part of their Community Service Day. On Friday morning, March 23 they covered a wide area to remove Ivy from native plants, trees and ferns. Their energy and enthusiasm was wonderful. Thank you so much.

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February 24,2018 – Restoration Plantings and Ivy Clean-up

Feb 24 2018 Restoration Planting

Restoration Plantings and Ivy Cleanup, Saturday February 24

Great planting event on Saturday morning, February 24. Thanks to all the volunteers who placed 250 plants, repaired trails and pulled ivy and invasives. Folks from the Lake Grove Presbyterian Church, Honor Society from Riverdale High School, and others from SOLVE, and local neighbors created a very successful event!

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