April 20, 2019 Work Party: Children’s Play Area

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A Volunteer Work Party on Saturday, April 20, 9-11 AM helped clean up a new dedicated area for outdoor play.

A Boy Scout has created the place with stumps to jump on and more. We cleaned up the adjacent area of sticks, weeds, and a bit of ivy.

Thank you to 30 neighbors and teens from Youth Action Council who cleaned up our new outdoor nature area. They moved lots of bark chips and removed Ivy and Herb Robert. Great time to also celebrate Earth Day. Thanks again to everyone.

April 4 and 12, 2019 Preschool Walks

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Great Preschool Walks Thursday morning April 4 in Springbrook Park. Eager learners and happy parents. We had wonderful weather too!

Then Friday, April 12, there were two more preschool walks in Springbrook Park. LO Arts Preschool was early with 34 children. At 10:30 the public one attracted another 32 children. The children learned about leaves, worms, birds, and much more. Special thanks to our leaders Sue, Anne, Laura, Melissa,  Babs for inspiring the children and their parents.

March 23, 2019 – Mulching New Ferns

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Thank you to the 20 neighbors who mulched the 250 ferns plants this Saturday that were planted in February. This will help the ferns survive as the weather warms.

Thanks to Ginny Haines for managing the project.

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Feb 16, 2019 – 250 Sword Ferns Planted in Springbrook Park

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Over 20 neighbors and friends planted 250 Sword Ferns in Springbrook Park Saturday morning. The native ferns were planted in an hour and a half. The rain waited until we were done.

Thanks to all the families and their children who worked so hard for this occasion. Special thanks to Tom Bland for managing this project with our Parks folks, and to Laura Tanz and Anne Lider from our board for their efforts.