August 20, 2019: Dedication Ceremony for Jan Burt’s Bench

Thanks to Ivan Anderholm, Parks Director, for dedicating Jan Burt’s bench today. Bill Burt, son of Cal and Jan Burt, attended and was moved for the dedication and service of his parents. Bill helped his Mom gather signatures back in the early 1970’s to save the park from development. Jan was very active with Lou Beck and Ann Redden in doing a door-to-door campaign to save the park area from development. Their ballot measure was voted yes by over 80% of residents to acquire the acreage in the 70’s. That’s why we have our 52 acre urban forest – Springbrook Park.

Thanks to Pearson’s Art Gallery for the fine workmanship.

The bench is located in the new outdoor nature area with log stumps, located near end of Mahonia trail from the Uplands entrance kiosk. This is just off the corner of Uplands playground.



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