Springbrook Park is ideally situated as an outdoor classroom for the students of adjacent Uplands Elementary, Lake Oswego Junior High and Lake Oswego High Schools. It has already benefited from a number of Boy Scout and student projects developed and coordinated by the Friends.The growing involvement of neighbors, users and students is the key to the health and enjoyment of Springbrook Park, so please check the calendar below for upcoming events, then contact our Volunteer Coordinator at Tom.Bland@SpringbrookPark.org and find out how you can help.

Past Volunteer Accomplishments:

  • Management Plan adopted by the City Council as the park’s standard
  • GPS Park Survey and Inventory of trees
  • Non-Profit status obtained for Friends of Springbrook Park
  • Friend’s Membership Program started
  • New Web sites, brochures, and public presentations
  • Uplands Elementary Student Native Plant Garden
  • Weekly Uplands Student Ivy Pull Program
  • Major invasive plant removal and restoration projects
  • Enhanced Uplands School Trailhead with trail extension, kiosk and plantings
  • Eagle Scout projects – kiosks, trail signs, boot scrapers
  • Track and cross-country High School teams repair trails and remove ivy
  • Refinished two miles of trails with gravel to Oregon State Parks standards
  • Extensive invasive removal and restoration by volunteers
  • Planting a couple of thousand bare root native trees and plants
  • Three Arbor Day planting events with children
  • 100 Year Anniversary of Lake Oswego celebration and park tours
  • Articles in the Lake Oswego Review and HelloLO newsletters
  • Ivy pull at Uplands Family Fun Day/Springbrook Park Ivy Pull
  • Uplands Student Interpretive Park Tour Guide training
  • Junior High 150-student ivy removal Community Service Project
  • Annual Work Plans for the Parks and Recreation Department
  • Research on Bird Nesting seasons so not to disturb with ivy removal or plantings projects

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Volunteer Opportunities

Additional Events (Dates Still To Be Determined)

Please join us when you see the signs that say: Springbrook Park Volunteer Work Party this Saturday 9-11am. Meet at Uplands School Trail Kiosk.



Along with the Parks and Recreation Department, Friends organizes volunteers to remove invasive plants, restore and replant cleared areas, and improve and maintain trails.

For our Volunteer Work Parties we will be placing new signs around Uplands Neighborhood. Please join us when you see this sign:


  • Education Events. Events throughout the school year ( Dates to be determined.)
    General Description: Work with local students to learn about and explore their neighborhood natural area.
    Project Details: A member of Friends of Springbrook Park will partner with Lake Oswego School District and district faculty to develop and implement curriculum that encourages students to learn about and explore the plants, animals, and ecosystems of Springbrook Park.
    Contact: Anne Lider    Anne.Lider@springbrookpark.org