February 22, 2020: Work Party

We had a very small but hard working group of volunteers…..

The man in the dark green hoodie was a Solve representative.

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October 26, 2019: Planting Work Party

Thanks to the 15 friends and neighbors who helped with plantings Saturday morning, Oct 26 along the stream off the main kiosk on Wembley.

A family from Lake Oswego Presbyterian Church and a couple visiting from New Mexico were part of the planting effort. Thanks to Tom Bland and the LO Watershed Council for your organization.

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October 11, 2019: Community Service Day

Community Service Day is a Lake Oswego Junior High annual tradition of giving, learning, and building community. It takes place every October on a state-wide Professional Day when there is no school. Every year, nearly 200 students and 40 adult chaperones volunteer opportunities at a variety of organizations including Springbrook Park.
Sixteen students, a few parents and teachers from LO Junior High and Lakeridge Junior High pulled Ivy and Herb Robert in Springbrook Park. A wonderful sunny day. Thanks to Ginny Haines for managing .the event.
Thanks everyone!
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Sept 17 & Oct 4, 2019: Preschool Walk


Great Preschool Walk on Friday, September 27, with lots of little ones and adults. And special thanks to four new ladies who volunteered to learn how to lead preschool walks. Great to have them.

Over two dozen children went on nature walks in Springbrook Park Friday morning Oct 4. They found slugs, worms, ferns and much more. Special thanks to the leaders who gave so much to the children. So wonderful to see a child afraid to engage and then touch a slug and want more. We will have more walks in the Spring.


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August 27, 2019: LOHS Cross Country Team Rebuilds Pathways in Springbrook Park

On Tuesday afternoon about 50 high school students, on their first day back to school, spent a couple of hours repairing trails in Springbrook Park.

Special thanks to Vince Kinney and the other coaches for their time and energy. The young women and men on the Cross Country team moved about five tons of gravel in a couple of hours and did an amazing job.

They use the park often for running so they wanted to upgrade the surfaces. Thanks to Eric and Kyle from Parks for setting this all up. Thank you all so much.

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August 20, 2019: Dedication Ceremony for Jan Burt’s Bench

Thanks to Ivan Anderholm, Parks Director, for dedicating Jan Burt’s bench today. Bill Burt, son of Cal and Jan Burt, attended and was moved for the dedication and service of his parents. Bill helped his Mom gather signatures back in the early 1970’s to save the park from development. Jan was very active with Lou Beck and Ann Redden in doing a door-to-door campaign to save the park area from development. Their ballot measure was voted yes by over 80% of residents to acquire the acreage in the 70’s. That’s why we have our 52 acre urban forest – Springbrook Park.

Thanks to Pearson’s Art Gallery for the fine workmanship.

The bench is located in the new outdoor nature area with log stumps, located near end of Mahonia trail from the Uplands entrance kiosk. This is just off the corner of Uplands playground.



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April 20, 2019 Work Party: Children’s Play Area

A Volunteer Work Party on Saturday, April 20, 9-11 AM helped clean up a new dedicated area for outdoor play.

A Boy Scout has created the place with stumps to jump on and more. We cleaned up the adjacent area of sticks, weeds, and a bit of ivy.

Thank you to 30 neighbors and teens from Youth Action Council who cleaned up our new outdoor nature area. They moved lots of bark chips and removed Ivy and Herb Robert. Great time to also celebrate Earth Day. Thanks again to everyone.

April 4 and 12, 2019 Preschool Walks

Great Preschool Walks Thursday morning April 4 in Springbrook Park. Eager learners and happy parents. We had wonderful weather too!

Then Friday, April 12, there were two more preschool walks in Springbrook Park. LO Arts Preschool was early with 34 children. At 10:30 the public one attracted another 32 children. The children learned about leaves, worms, birds, and much more. Special thanks to our leaders Sue, Anne, Laura, Melissa,  Babs for inspiring the children and their parents.

March 23, 2019 – Mulching New Ferns

Thank you to the 20 neighbors who mulched the 250 ferns plants this Saturday that were planted in February. This will help the ferns survive as the weather warms.

Thanks to Ginny Haines for managing the project.

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Feb 16, 2019 – 250 Sword Ferns Planted in Springbrook Park

Over 20 neighbors and friends planted 250 Sword Ferns in Springbrook Park Saturday morning. The native ferns were planted in an hour and a half. The rain waited until we were done.

Thanks to all the families and their children who worked so hard for this occasion. Special thanks to Tom Bland for managing this project with our Parks folks, and to Laura Tanz and Anne Lider from our board for their efforts.

November 17, 2018 – Sword Fern Planting Work Party

Saturday morning 11/17 eighteen friends and neighbors planted about 300 sword ferns along several trails in less than two hours. Thanks to Ginny Haines for managing the project and our Parks staff for getting us the wonderful ferns. Folks came from Tualatin, Hallinan, and several families from Lake Grove Presbyterian Church. Thank you!

October 27, 2018 – Fern Planting Work Party

Saturday morning in sunny Fall weather, 20 neighbors planted 300 sword ferns in less than two hours. So much fun connecting with folks and hearing their stories. Folks are committed to on-going restoration of Springbrook Park. Their dedication and energy is much appreciated. Thank you.

September 28, 2018 – Preschool Walk

Thanks to the parents and caregivers of 34 young children who went on a Preschool Walk in Springbrook Park Friday, September 28th. Great weather and lots of energy. Special thanks to our guides Sue Thomas, Anne Lider, Laura Tanz, and Babs Hamachek who uncovered plants, worms, leaves and more for the kids. It was lots of fun.

August 30, 2018 – Track Team Repairs Trails in Springbrook Park

On Thursday, August 30, over 60 Lake Oswego High School students repaired trails in Springbrook Park. They are members of the Cross Country track team. They’re tremendous energy moved yards of gravel to repair and upgrade trails. Such wonderful energy as part of their community service. Special thanks to Coach Vince Kinney and Assistant Coach Liz Howells for their leadership. All of their work adds to the use of our wonderful Springbrook Park and the over two miles of trails. Thank you all so much.

May 19, 2018 – Invasives Cleanup

Thanks to our neighbors and friends and local teens who cleaned up lots of weeds and invasive Herb Robert on Saturday morning, May 19th. The area cleaned will become an outdoor play area for little children. Appreciate all your help.

April 21, 2018 – Weed Cleanup!

Saturday morning April 21, thirty neighbors and friends cleaned up weeds, Herb Robert and Ivy off a number of ferns and trees. Folks worked along the Trillium Trail just off Wembley Park Rd where the Pennington Bench is located.

The weather was wonderful. Several children pulled long strands of Ivy and laid them on the trail for comparison. All their work means more growth of native plants. Thanks everyone.

April 7 & 13, 2018 – Preschool Nature Walks

Saturday, April 7 some 30 preschoolers and caregivers had a onderful outdoor experiences at Springbrook Park. Weather held off. Many thanks to Laura Tanz, Sue Thomas, and Megan Big John who led the children into the woods and worms.

Friday morning, April 13, the children from LO Community Arts Preschool were led on walks in Springbrook Park. They learned about trees and how they grow, connect with nature, and return with dead bark to support wildlife. Special thanks to our leaders Anne Lider, Sue Thomas and Laura Tanz.

Walkers joined City staff and volunteers from 10-10:45 a.m. for a stroll through Springbrook Park on the trails behind Uplands Elementary School (2055 Wembley Park Road), complete with discovery buckets and exploration tools. Kids learn how the trunk, roots and leaves all work to keep the trees healthy. Participants also play “healthy tree bingo” as they walk through the park. The event is aimed at kids ages 2-6, but all are welcome and free.

March 23, 2018 – Community Service Day

Community Service Day at Springbrook Park – March 23, 2018

Special thanks to all the Lake Oswego High School students who worked hard in Springbrook Park as part of their Community Service Day. On Friday morning, March 23 they covered a wide area to remove Ivy from native plants, trees and ferns. Their energy and enthusiasm was wonderful. Thank you so much.

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February 24,2018 – Restoration Plantings and Ivy Clean-up

Feb 24 2018 Restoration Planting

Restoration Plantings and Ivy Cleanup, Saturday February 24

Great planting event on Saturday morning, February 24. Thanks to all the volunteers who placed 250 plants, repaired trails and pulled ivy and invasives. Folks from the Lake Grove Presbyterian Church, Honor Society from Riverdale High School, and others from SOLVE, and local neighbors created a very successful event!

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October 14, 2017 – Restoration Planting

A Wonderful Restoration Planting Party in Springbrook Park

Two dozen friends and neighbors planted over 350 native plants and ferns along the White Oak trail on the south side of Springbrook Park from 9 to 11 AM on Saturday, October 14, 2017. Sunny but cool weather was welcomed.

Students from PSU and Chemeketa College volunteered as part of their environmental studies program. Mormon neighbors from Just Serve served their community. Several young men also pulled ivy from nearby trees. Thanks to these wonderful folks who are helping restore our native urban forest.

Fall 2017: Preschool Nature Walks

Friends of Springbrook Park have created a valuable free opportunity for preschool children to explore nature in a guided, enthusiastic environment.

The preschoolers are provided with “Exploration Buckets” to hold their findings as they dig, magnify, catch bugs, and learn about nature!

This Fall we had two wonderful mornings in Springbrook Park with over 50 preschool children experiencing nature. Focus was on finding things that are natural and things that should not be there, like an ear of corn. Lots of fun.

Many thanks to our volunteers: Sue Thomas, Anne Lider, Michelle Tanz, Laura Tanz, Sara McKean, Megan Big John. And a special welcome to Debra Barnett, who joined to learn how to lead these nature walks.

The preschool children learned many new things and had a ball!

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May 6, 2017: Invasive Removal

Fifteen friends and neighbors pulled of Herb Robert, AKA “Stinky Bob,” invasives from one area of the park. In two hours folks filled a dozen large plastic bags of the invasive. Wow and thanks!

April 14 & 22: Preschool Walks

Over 70 preschool children with caregivers walked in Springbrook Park and learned about birds, plants, slugs, worms, and much more. This hands-on learning enriched the lives of our young ones. More to occur in the Fall and next year.

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February 18, 2017: Restoration Plantings

A grateful shout-out to the incredible volunteers who showed up Saturday morning, February 18, to help Friends of Springbrook Park and the Oswego Lake Watershed Council plant nearly 200 native plants in the park and remove invasive English Ivy from a large area next to the park. Terrific work from a terrific group of neighbors. Your efforts are making a real, positive difference in restoring the health of this natural area. Thank you so much Doug McKean for managing the projects. And Eric Lider’s grandkids.

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June 4, 2017: National Trails Day

National Trails Day was celebrated in walking groups lead by Sue Thomas, nature specialist. Folks learned the interconnections of the forest, wildlife, soil conditions, and the inter-dependability that our forests provide to all of us.

June 4, 2017 National Trails Day

March 18, 2017: Planting Native Plants

About 20 friends and neighbors worked hard in two hours to plant 250 natives in areas cleared of ivy.


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October 22, 2016: Restoration Plantings

Thanks to Melissa and Barry Cadish, Laura and Jim Evans, Kim Sloat, Ginny Haines, and Tom Bland for the great work this sunny morning. All 300 native trees, plants and ferns were planted. The rain held off for the planting.

August 23, 2016: Cross Country Teams Trail Repairs

Special thanks to the 50 Cross-Country Team students from Lake Oswego High School for moving gravel to repair and finish trails in Springbrook Park. Finished Alder Trail which leads down to homes along Sherbrook Place. The team uses the over two miles of park trails for training. Also thanks to Coach Eric Lider and Jim Evans for setting up and managing the project with lots of help from our Parks and Recreation Department staff. All of their efforts add to the legacy of Springbrook Park, which was established 43 years ago by a city-wide vote. Springbrook Park is an asset to our community and our students bring joy to the heart.

May 14, 2106: Ivy Removal

20 neighbor volunteers pulled ivy from trees and around native plants in an area behind the homes along Sundeleaf Drive. Most of the ivy had been sprayed and this cleaned up a large area along a new trail that goes down to Country Club Road.

April 8, 15, 22, 29, 2016: Preschool Walks

Friday mornings in Arbor month at Springbrook Park attracted young children in groups to learn about trees, plants, flowers, birds, and bugs. Over 70 children showed up with parents and caretakers. Our fourth kindergarten walk had over a dozen children from the Lake Oswego Arts Preschool based at the Lakewood Center. The children were so interested in the arts in nature with colors, textures, and lots of surprises. Thanks to Anne, Sue, and Sara to lead the parents and their children. The little rain did not slow down the interest in searching through dirt, leaves, downed logs and insects.

March 12, 2016: Restoration Plantings

About 15 neighbors planted about 300 plants as part of the restoration for our urban forest. With most of the invasive ivy gone, native plants are returning from seeds buried in the top soil. But the new ferns and native trees fill the landscape.

Feb 13, 2016: Restoration Plantings

Thanks to the 20 neighbors who planted 250 native trees and ferns in Springbrook Park Saturday morning Feb 13 from 9-11. We had folks from all over Lake Oswego including two PSU students working on their environmental degree. Great time to connect with neighbors and create a legacy in our urban forest.

October 17: Neighbors Plant Natives in Springbrook Park

A great effort by two dozen neighbors in Springbrook Park the morning of Saturday, October 17.  In two hours, 250 native plants went into the ground along a stream bed where invasive ivy had been killed off earlier.

These plants are part of a long-term effort to replant our 52 acre natural area with native plants and trees.

Thank you neighbors!


LOHS Track Teams Pull Ivy and Repair Trails August 27

Kudos to the 70+ Lake Oswego High School students who spent time in Springbrook Park this past Thursday.  As part of their regular Cross Country practice, they split their time between training and hauling gravel to repair a quarter mile of trail or pulled invasive Ivy along stream corridors. The results are better and safer trails that will stand up to the coming rains while the Ivy pulling is part of a longer term effort for watershed improvement of the two streams that start in the Park.

Also, a special thanks to coaches Eric Lider and Liz Howells for managing the energy and work of the student volunteers.

Photos courtesy of Paul Lyons.

Thank you May 3 Volunteers!

Thanks to the 15 volunteers who worked hard on Sunday, May 3, to remove blackberry vines and ivy and helped protect the native plants in an area near Nine Bark Trail.

Successful Work Party on Nov. 1!

We had a VERY successful work party on Saturday, November 1!

Nineteen hardy volunteers made a significant dent in the encroaching ivy, as you can see in the photos below. THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS!


Thanks to Lake Oswego High School Cross Country Team!

On August 26, about 60 members of the Lake Oswego High School Cross Country Team and their coach, Eric Lider, spread 10 yards of large gravel on 0.2 miles of new trail in Springbrook Park.

Last spring, the Lake Oswego High School Track Team blazed the new trail, which connects the park’s trail system to Country Club Road.  The trail creates a new entry way into the park, providing easy access to this wonderful park for the cross country and track teams, as well as Lake Oswego High Schoo students and community members.  The cross country team and their coach worked hard for two hours and did an excellent job.

The Friends of Springbrook Park, the City of Lake Oswego, and the LOHS cross country and track teams have worked together for years to improve the trails in the park.  This partnership has made a huge difference in the park, making the trails much more accessible, durable, and usable year-round.