Fall 2017: Preschool Nature Walks

Friends of Springbrook Park have created a valuable free opportunity for preschool children to explore nature in a guided, enthusiastic environment.

The preschoolers are provided with “Exploration Buckets” to hold their findings as they dig, magnify, catch bugs, and learn about nature!

This Fall we had two wonderful mornings in Springbrook Park with over 50 preschool children experiencing nature. Focus was on finding things that are natural and things that should not be there, like an ear of corn. Lots of fun.

Many thanks to our volunteers: Sue Thomas, Anne Lider, Michelle Tanz, Laura Tanz, Sara McKean, Megan Big John. And a special welcome to Debra Barnett, who joined to learn how to lead these nature walks.

The preschool children learned many new things and had a ball!

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