Orange Honeysuckle Vine

Native HoneysuckleOrange Honeysuckle Vine, Lonicera ciliosa
Family: Caprifoliaceae

Orange honeysuckle are found on the outer edges of forests growing up through trees where it still gets partial sunlight. They are commonly found from British Columbia south to California and mainly west of the cascades but can be seen as far east as Utah. There are around 150 species of Honeysuckle mostly found in sub-tropical regions, but only 7 of these species are native to the northwest. This variety of Honeysuckle is deciduous but other species can be semi evergreen or evergreen depending on the location.

The Honeysuckle have reddish-orange flower that are fragrant and bloom in the late spring to mid-summer. Birds and butterflies love these flowers and the translucent berries that the honeysuckle produces, but the berries can be harmful to humans if consumed. This woody vine can grow up to 18 feet tall which is ideal in your garden on a trellis or along a fence.


Information courtesy of Beaverton City Website
Photo submitted by Thomas Bland
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